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FOOL in the RAIN (25 mins) - ensemble excerpt
For Ensemble X.Y SONG
6 singers and piano
VII. RAINY RAIN RAIN - 6 singers and piano what happened was…I left her and let the silhouette of coldkettle and cigarette regret the bowl of alphabetti spaghetti (microwaved merely for mother and formality) HESITATE before collecting my clear set plastic-bag-pound-shop-polythingime-jacket, kept for the inevitable onset of precipitation, and ran with it! racing towards my expecting-spectating lover excitedly excreting perspiration. O HOW EXHILARATING not to fret or forget but CELEBRATE the sensual secreting of sweet freshly flesh sweating redolence, that at first lay low kept abated by slow biology yet only delayed by later bacterial changes when you bet once warm inside without warning it leapt and let out a mighty cry of “RAINY RAIN SMELLS!”


BEL and the DRAGON

Premiered at the Britten Theatre as part of the Tête à Tête Opera Festival.

words & music Alex Paxton

BEL and the DRAGON imitates the
form and pacing of the original biblical miniature (composed circa 500BCE). I was immediately attracted to the book by its wonderful eating motive which provides a comic impetuous that goads the reader through the three scenes.

I love food! I set out to tell the story through a comestible exegeses.
I love mealtimes! It is a triumph of the human spirit that despite the fact that eating is merely an ineluctably violent alternative to photosynthesis, almost all human societies and religions, throughout known history, celebrate mealtimes with togetherness.
I love music! Munchy munch chew chew chew gulp spittle teeth graunch grind chop smack smile blood love and laugh; the language of mastication that binds the offal of man-kind into a faggot, regardless of epoch religion and race. Love food, love music, love your neighbour.

Conductor - Lionel Friend
Director - Bill Banks-Jones

DANIEL - Joel Williams
KING - Kieran Rayner
DRAGON PRIESTESS - Cherise Lagasse
ANGEL - Polly Leech
HAGGARD COW - Daniel D'Souza

excerpts from ‘Little Nell’ (15mins)
Monodrama for orchestra and Voice

“One must have a heart of stone to read the death
of little Nell with out bursting into tears…of laughter” – Oscar Wilde

Premiered at the Cockpit Theatre as part of the Second Movement Rough for opera.

words & music Alex Paxton

The “Family Shakespeare” was a popular collection of expurgated
Shakespeare plays first published in 1807 under the name of Thomas Bowdler. It was infact, the creation of his sister Harriet Bowdler, who could not have published openly because it would have been lurid to imagine that a lady could have computed the innuendo and “immoral” passages of Shakespeare.

Harriet also wrote, 50 editions of “Sermons on
the Doctrines and Duties of Christianity”, anonymously named, for which the bishop of London offered a clergyman’s wage in his diocese.

The text is derived of the fragments from
a bowdlerised Shakespeare play, a bowdlerised Bowdler preface to a bowdlerised Shakespeare play and an original prologue bowdlerising both Shakespeare and Bowdler.

words & music Alex Paxton

Conductor - Marc Hajjar
Director - Laura Bowler

Harriet Bowdler - Louise Wilcox
Thomas Bowdler - Jack lawrence-Jones

Sackbut -Owen Dawson
B. Clarinet Joy Boole
Drum Kit - J J Wheeler
Violin -Sara Cubarsi
Viola – Joe Bronstien
Cello - Tom Issacs

NOGGIN and the WHALE (50mins) children’s opera based on the T.V show and book by Oliver Postgate
Commissioned by Pelican Music Service.
                   400 instrumentalists(ages 4-18), Large children’s chorus, Tenor, Narrator and soloists.

opera commisioned and hosted by Helios Opera Collective and ENO

image by Flavio Graff

words & music Alex Paxton
Conductor - Noah Mosley
Director - Jefferson Miranda, Flavio Graff


O music! O great redeemer!
Ineluctable modality of the audible:
At least that if no more, thought through my ears.
Come, thou glorious monarch of sound!

Amidst the clammer of strain and splat on porcelain,
A thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about my ears,
While I,  relishing delightful religious rite and ribaldry,
Limp the gait of the gelded
And skid (still straining) into the streaky basin.
Splosh! Oh dear. Drain. Wipe. Cadenza.
Cadence! Rejoice!
Amen. Joy. Yes.

PUDDING TUMMY - children’s chorus excerpt
for children’s chorus and piano

“This is the tummy where I put my pudding when the main course tummy is full”
excerpt.  copyright©alexpaxton

radio opera
Premiered at the Forge Camden.

words & music Alex Paxton

Woolf Music is based on Virginia Woolf’s short story “The String Quartet” (1921). The text is compiled from the writings of Virginia Woolf (1882–1941).

“Do I dare say I listened? If one gets a lot of pleasure, real divine pleasure, knows the tunes, and only occasionally thinks of other things, surely I may say I listened!?”

“Sat here like an improviser with my hands rambling over the piano, the result is perfectly inconclusive and almost alliterate.”

excerpt.  copyright©alexpaxton

Virginia Woolf 1. Soprano - Harriet Burns
Virginia Woolf 2. Mezzo - Jessica Ecclseston
Virginia Woolf 3. Actor - Louise Wilcox
Virginia Woolf 4. Actor - Victoria Gimby

Violin – Sara Cubarsi
Viola - Uilleac Pimenides Whelan
Cello – James Douglas
Double Bass – Adam Wynter

Drums – David Ingamells
Bass – Misha Mullov-Abbado
Piano – Thomas Ang
Guitar – Rob Luft

SHOUT INTO the SILENCERound for Jubilate Children's Worship 800 voice Chorus,
Bow Bones, Organ.

ANGEL, DANIEL and KING eating grass like an Ox. BEL and the DRAGON

A complete collection of  available recordings can be found in Alex’s sound diary here...

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