Composer. Improvising-trombonist.

Photo By Rui Camilo

Strawberry (improvised painting)
Sticky Face

Justgum Friends

Lets Go (improvised painting)

Love Yous Bus-eyed (improvised painting)

Dino Heaven (improvised painting)

Sweet Wishes (improvised painting)

Candyfolk Space (improvised painting)
Sweet Wishes (improvised painting)
BicPic (improvised painting)

Fizzy the Flower (improvised painting)

Rescue Jam (improvised painting)

Love Kittens 3 (improvised painting)
Octapus Dream (improvised painting)

Blue Rabbit (improvised painting)

Garden of Pink (improvised painting)

Shnurple Tree (improvised painting)
Planet of the Flah (improvised painting)

Big Brother Jelly (improvised painting)
Party Rings (improvised painting)
Music for Bosch People (improvised painting)

Stop Cow (improvised painting)

Take It Finger (improvised painting)

Dino Promise (improvised painting)