Its kind of like this;
Like minimal but loads more notes like video-games but with more song like jazz but much more gay like old music but more current like yummy sweet but more stick like paint but more scratch like tapestry but filthily like prayer but more loud like loud groove and more rude like fingers and faces too but somehow more smelly like smelly things cooking with more chew and change like louder prayers that groove with like stinking-hot-pink in poo-brown but even more desperate-like than that like drums and Dream Musics

....but you have to listen to it tbh.        

“eccentric and inventive with more than a touch of anarchy”
- Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

MUSIC for BOSCH PEOPLE (16 mins)
(2sax. 2trb. kit. 2 Egtr. + electronics)

“In a dark, time this music will make you smile...antic experimentalism...This is the most joyous sound I’ve heard in ages!”
New York Times

PRAYER with Strings (5mins)
Alex Paxton’s Dream Musics - studio recording.David Ingamells, Felix Josza, David Zucchi, Alex Paxton


Alex Paxton’s Dream Musics - studio recording.David Inga mells, Felix Josza, David Zucchi, Alex Paxton, Alyson Frazier, Emma Purslow.

IN the DARKNESS (7mins)

Alex Paxton’s Dream Musics - studio recording.David Ingamells, Felix Josza, David Zucchi, Alex Paxton, Harriet Burns.

LIKE in HOT PINK (3mins)

Alex Paxton’s Dream Musics - studio recording.David Ingamells, Felix Josza, David Zucchi, Alex Paxton.

LIKE I KNOW (4mins)

Alex Paxton’s Dream Musics - studio recording.David Ingamells, Felix Josza, David Zucchi, Alex Paxton.

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Facebook: @Dreammmusics
Twitter: @alexpaxtonyeah


Alex Paxton’s Dream Musics 
with Purple-Tree Tapestry Orchestra - studio recording.Alex Paxton, Matt Herd, Kalliopi Mitropoulou, David Zucchi,
Mike Newman, David Ingamells

PRAYER with Strings (5mins)

Alex Paxton’s Dream Musics with Ensemble x.y
live at Kammer Klang, Cafe Oto

PRAYER with Night Pictures (3 mins)

Dream Musics with Ensemble x.y 
live at Kammer Klang, Cafe Oto

BYE (10 mins)
For wind, brass and improvisers.
Alex Paxton’s Dream Musics - studio recordingAlto Flute, Clarinets, Saxophones, Trombones, Wurlitza
Taylor Maclennan, Lloyd Coleman, David Zucchi, Alex Paxton



Music for Bosch People has been reviewed / featured by
New York Times (USA), The Wire Magazine (UK), Jazzwise Magazine (UK), TEMPO (UK), POSITIONEN (Germany),
Point of departure  (USA),  MusikTexte (Germany), SoundmakingPodcast (Int.), The Trombonist  Magazine (UK),
Prxludes (UK), The Sampler  (UK), Cooky Ma Loo (Au), Resonance FM  (UK), European Modern Jazz (Europe), Worshipful Compony of Musicians(UK), A closer listen

“In a dark time this music will make you smile.....antic experimentalism.....manic contrast heavy.....This is the most joyous sound I’ve heard in ages!” New York Times

"Unique, inventive, brave and arresting”
Worshipful Company of Musicians (WCOM) Jazz Prize

“Paxton, Like Hieronymous Bosch, is one of those rare artists who manage to make a virtue of excess.
The turbulent and joyful spirit of his music bubbles up irrepressibly in his trombone playing, and courses torrentially though his flamboyantly unpredictable compositions. . .Surfing the crest of their exuberance is an extraordinary experience.” The Wire Magazine

“Operatic Game Boy music played by a virtuosic motley crew that’s inexplicably been hired to provide live jingles for a primetime TV show sometime in the recent past that never quite was . . .We hear the trombone run the gamut from furious chatter to muffled screams, sorrowful sighs into searing growls and back. “Virtuosic” doesn’t really cover it.”  Point of Departure

“Step forward Alex Paxton, incipient savior of difficult listening . . . formidable virtuosity. It seems to be a meditation on virtuosity: Paxton’s own take on Charlie Parker-style bebop or Paganini. . . . mountains of crisp detail that are legible when taken singly but accumulate into a surreal and overwhelming whole”

“life that this offbeat troublemaker tries to capture, and one wonders with what organs he writes: the laughter and the joys (it bubbles and sparkles), the excitements (reproductive or aggressive), the energy and vitality – like a sap that knows only springtime”Crescendo Magazine

“Alex is a bloody phenomenal composer and visionary” Prxludes.net

“What none of the litriture says is that his music is completely bonkers. The tittle track is 15 minutes long  & I loved the whole thing, it grabs your attention all the way through…I highly recommend this album it is great fun” Peter Slavid on European Modern Jazz,

“Superstar” British trombone society

“Totally missed this release until Seth Colter Walls covered it in the New York Times. In a word: wow. Alex Paxton combines elements of musique concrete, collective free-form jazz improv, and loads of humor and satire. Not much can prepare one for this music. The only comparison I might make is to Lumpy Gravy-era Frank Zappa. For those looking to stretch their ears, consider this atomic yoga. Turn it up.” Amazon - Top Review U.S.A

"The title Music for Bosch People implies a horrific set, but composer and trombonist Alex Paxton has subtlety in mind as well.  The album mingles styles and timbres in a manner that reflects the painter’s turbulent art." A Closer Listen

Dream Musics Radio LIVE
Ft. Alex Paxton Neil Luck Delia Derbyshire Sean Clancey Frank Zappa Wendy Carlos George E Lewis Peter Evans Sofia Jernberg Nancarrow

Dream Musicians

Quartet & Trio. Sometimes 2 sometimes 12.
Saxes, trombone, guitar and drums. Sometimes Voices and sometimes more...

“Virtuosic musicians from contemporary classical, jazz and improvisation backgrounds dedicated to performing music that uniquely combines the stylistically-plural, (and communicative nature) of  ‘band culture’ and ‘outsider (bedroom) composers’,  with a rigorous creative intensity often found in ‘concert music’. Strong flavours of  jazz, groove musics, folk musics, minimalism & modernism can be often heard, incorporated into an individual expressive style.”


Alex Paxton
- Trombones


Lasma Tamina
Clifton Harrison
Emma Purslow - Violin & Viola
Patrick Terry 
- Counter Tenor

Taylor Maclennan
- Flutes

David ZucchiSaxophones

Alyson Frazier - Flutes

Christine Buras
- Soprano

Mike Newman - Cello

David Ingamells
- Drums

Matt Herd - Saxophones

Harriet Burns - Soprano

Gwen Reed - Bass

Felix Jozsa
Rob Luft
Micheal De Souza
- Electric Guitar



Maya Kadish - Violin

Lydia Hillerudh - Cello

Dream Music Learning and Participation Projects

Dream Musics Ensemble provide bespoke education projects to schools and Music Hubs that seeks to inspire and facilitate a felicitous sence of creative immediacy in every student.

Can you hear the DREAM MUSICS ensemble in the enourmous crazy sounds of Noggin and the Whale?

“I absolutely loved this, without reservation.”
- Judith Weir Master of the Queens Music

  “ The works for young performers exhibit Alex’s experience, range and enthusiasm - they should be embraced and adopted by music groups and sound hubs nationwide.
Royal Academy of Music


for large children’s (ages 4-11) orchestra and dreammusics
more projects coming soon.....!

“drums and dreammusics...”

More works for Children and infomation on education projects can be found here:

Music for Children
Music Leader