Composer. Improvising-trombonist.

“Really quirky, fun, dynamic…Wow! gives your senses a bit of shake. I tell you, I had to listen a number of times, absolutely terrific.”
James McDougall - BBC Radio 3

“Paxton will Make your ears ping..brings brightly coloured, loopy joy to our ears..sweet energy & frantic humour...It’s jazzy & noisy & oddly serious.” The Guardian
”Turbulent and joyful...surfing on the crest of this exuberance is an extraordinary experience" – The Wire

“Paxton is a monster improviser …connects his garrulous attack to the most extroverted playing of George Lewis & Roswell Rudd..." Bandcamp Daily Best Contemporary Classical

“In a dark, time this music will make you smile...antic experimentalism...manic contrast-heavy...This is the most joyous sound I’ve heard in ages!”
New York Times

NEW ALBUM: Happy Music for Orchestra
will be out on 28th April 2023 on Delphian Records

“Alex is a bloody phenomenal composer and visionary”
London Symphony Orchestra

“This is what an orchestra can be like in the 21st century:
an ensemble that speaks with one voice yet also gives voice to each of its members”

The Times

Alex Paxton’s Ilollipop. Ensemble Modern. Photo: Walter Vorjohann

"Paxton is a system-crasher of genre, who merges jamming video game soundtracks, musical overtures, virtuoso chamber music and jazz improv into an unmistakable style...highly complex, sophisticated and extremely entertaining, virtuoso ad absurdum" Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik

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