Composer. Improvising-trombonist.

Music for Concerts
Music for Operas (also music-theatre & vocal)
Music for Jazz
Music for Films
Music for Theatres
Music for Children

Orchestrations & Arrangements
Music Leader

Alex has worked extensively as a Workshop Leader, Animatuer, Classroom-music teacher and Composition Tutor.

His composition pupils include those in higher education, GCSE/A level students and singersong-writers. They have been awarded prestigious prizes and commissions available for young composers including the BBC Young Composers Competition, Tri borough youth Orchestra and Sound and Music Summer School. Alex’s pupils have matriculated into some of the worlds leading music conservatoires and universities.

“LA” -Singing original Solfeggio songs with young choir.
          Actual Photo of Mr Alex singin with reception.
Alex has lead creative-music workshops, singing assemblies, choirs, orchestras whole class music teaching, EYFS and musical-directed large musical productions and operas (original and canonical), in numerous schools and musical institutions throughout the UK including;

Song Monkeys
London Philharmonic Orchestra Learning and Participation Sound-Works
Lontana Ensemble Outreach
Pelican Music Service, Juinor orhcestra, Juinior Choir, Young Choir, EYFS.
London Russian School Music
Rachmaninov Academy of Music
Young Dessenters N16
Stoke Newington Choir
Soggy Arts Productions
Education Group
Music for All
Royal College Music Sparks
London Music Centre
St Stephan’s CE
St Stephan’s CE Nursery
St Peter’s CoE School
Strand on the Green Infant School
Good Shepherd School
Brackenbury School
St George’s Primary School
John Betts Primary School
Ark Beantworth School
Ark Conway School
Burlington Danes School
Stockton Primary School
Young Music Makers La Sainte Union Catholic School
Junior Royal Academy of Music
St. Peters C of E Hammersmith Church
Chelsea Quavers Music school
Stafford House Study Holidays
Falcon Camps (CPAS)

Alex writes extensively for children and young people...

Alex leads Ensembles & Choirs, EYFS and Curriculum Music at Pelican Music Service. He has written schemes of learning for classroom music lessons used in nursery, reception, KS1 and KS2.

Alex also teachers Solfeggi, Composition and Musicianship at Rachmaninoff Academy of Music, London Russian Music School.

To inspire passion, belly-fire and life-long momentum.

To instil a physical and audible understanding of the building blocks of musical language. For use now and in the future.

To incite an immediate and personable relationship between students and art music.
“Wallflower” Playground song game at a Saturday composition workshop. Alex is head of music at St. Peters School Hammersmith and delivers curriculum music lessons/workshops in a number of other schools in London.

Together in strophe and song we are chorus
We call and respond, though we may not be flawless,
We promise our glorious voices
                                                        will flow through our hearts
And our heads to wherever we might like
To follow our passion, creatively lawless
The crest of a wave crashes forth under all of us
I am the egg man
They are the egg man
I am the walrus!


Composer, librettest and head workshop-leader for Noggin and the Whale, working with the talents of 500 children.

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