Composer. Improvising-trombonist.

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TROMBONE & Improvisation
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BUTCHERS and SONS (2013)
Director Simon Wade
excerpts from hilarious, LGBTQVeggie film

(Eat our shorts festival BFI, Beijing Film Festival, CineMAiubit International Film Festival,                 VGIK international festival in Moscow)

Sound track
Kieran Stickle McLeod
Samual Rapley
Jonny Chung
Ronnan Perret
Jemima Oosthuizen
Ben Brown
Scott Chapman
Sandy Suchodolski

GINGER & ROSA (2012)
Director  Sally Potter

On set in feature length film GINGER & ROSA as diegetic tuba player in socialist beret.
multi media concert piece
British Instructional Films Ltd presents a Classroom Film.
recording coming soon

FISH BONE (2013)
Director Christian Cerami

Sound Track Song Book words and music ALEX PAXTON
Out in the Air

Holler in the Wind

Fish Bone Blues

David Ingamells- drums
Flo Moore - Bass
Rob Luft - Guitar
Ronan Perret - Bari. Sax
Richard Blake - Trumpet
Alex Paxton - Trombone
Jacob Collier - Vox
Cristina Rubio - Vox

THE PARK (2013)
Director James Neil/Parallax Media

Sound track
Joy Boole Clarinet

Joanne Leask Violin
Katarina Đorđević Violin
Anna Lusty Viola
Laura Hammonds Cello

Lloyd Coleman Piano

SHUT EYE (2013)
Director Dominik Hronek

Sound track
jack moran - Bass
ben swartz - cello
Pippa Ovenden - bass recorder

London Colours tv

David Zucchi - alto sax
Pippa Ovenden - recorder

Felix Jozsa, Elischa Kaminer, Liam Mattison - Clapping!

Alex Paxton - all other instruments

A more available recordings can be found in Alex’s sound diary here...

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