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Ecerinis by Albertini Mussatidirector Douglas R Dunn.

conjunction with King’s College London University (KCL) and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA)

This music was written for a performance of Albertino Mussato's Latin verse play Ezzilino (c. 1315) which was based on the tyrannical reign of Ezzelino III da Romano (b.1194). It was performed in Latin inside KCL chapel.

The play opens with the tyrant Ezzilino and
his brother Alberico being told by their mother that they were each conceived through rape fathered by the devil.

Ezzilino swears allegiance to his satanic patriarch and renounces Christ. The two brothers assume a military empowerment and proceeds to rape, pillage, plunder, torture and conquer provinces of Italy.
At the apex of their reign of terror a priest engages Ezzilino in a

dialogue warning him that God in his mighty power will punish him for his atrocities. Ezzilino replies rhetorically pointing out that if God wants to he will smite him down at any point and then he kills the messenger to reinforce his potency. Eventually their luck runs out. Ezzilino is taken away and executed. Alberico watches as his children and wife are raped tortured and then burned to death before he is finally killed.

It is thought that it was originally written to try and console the peasants by explaining why God would allow such barbaric patrician to abuse his authority. It was acted out annually to commemorate his death.

The “priest” plays a live crumhorn.

By Virtue Fall
by Victoria Gimby
Songs and incidental music

Winner of 2014 LOST Theatre One Act Festival

By Virtue Fall examines the tenuous moral dilemmas faced when Matthew, a devout Catholic, confesses his desires. In the outskirts of Glasgow, Matthew, his wife Jenny and his inexperienced priest struggle to deal with the fallout of Matthew’s confession, forcing all three question where their own faith lies.

Conflicted in belief and thrown into uncertainty, By Virtue Fall leads us to re-evaluate our own moral compass directing to what is intrinsically right and wrong.

This piece premiered at The LOST Theatre in May 2014, followed by a run at The Space, London in April 2015.

Songs book performed by cast
premiered at the Lost Theatre,  London.
Soggyarts productions.

(Chorus excerpt)
Turning like sunflowers,
Beneath the grind of the mill.
Yearning for sunflowers,
Grief enshrined upon the sill.

the dragon from BEL and the DRAGON
directed by Bill Banks-Jones
Blow Thou Bitter Wind. (25 mins)
For Ensemble X.Y

Vocal Ensemble and Rhythm-section version.

VII. RAINY RAIN RAIN - 6 singers and piano

words & music Alex Paxton

premier Jack Lion's Theatre. London.

Blow, wind, blow, sing, she, wind, blow, sing, blow,
Turning, blow, gently she blows, wind, turning, blow, singing into flour, weeping
Gently she blows flour,
Softly weeping, sing

She blows upon the mulling wynd
She feels her thrusting sails unwind
The fields of straw threshing men
Their squaw of harvest time,

She knows the dulling musk affined
To till her worn and husking wheels
The miller, lusting hulls, assigned
His whore of corn and grind,

Her tears are staunched by a sudden north-westerly gale
The ears of wheat are graunched beneath her frail chest
Into flour,

Blow, wind, blow pretty flour, beautiful flour, blow, so much flour,
Softly she blows the strong wind to flour,

Her tears are staunched by a sudden north-westerly gale
The ears of wheat are graunched beneath her frail chest
She feels their pain!

She cowers on the hillock wynd
And must conceal an ageing sigh,
Born within a stormy mind
Our grand old sage of corn and wind.

Assistant Composer for a production of
“M. Butterfly” (David Henry Hwang) preformed at Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), London

Assistant to orchestrator Christopher Austin in Broadway Production of American in Paris premiered in Théâtre du Châtelet Paris and then on Broadway at the Palace Theatre in New York City (Multi award winning orchestrations: Tony, and Golden Globe).

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