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(flim score excerpts from Butchers and Sons 2013)

LIGHTHOUSEMAN big band and vox

words and music ALEX PAXTON
The fantastic Chaos Collective Orchestra Big Band!!! with Jessica Dowdeswell.
premier the Spice of Life jazz club. 2012

Lonely on the bladder-wrack stands,
Nobly soused in Brine,
A shinning foe of night’s command,
Half lighthouse and half-man,

Dancing to his droll sarabande,
Songs time’s doused in sand and
Sad lamenting tears,
The only lighthouse man,

Mostly the churning,
Others misunderstand,
Turning his head,
He longs for instead,
Another lighthouse-man,

Shimmrin’ in the bladder-wrack strands
Glistnin’ under sea and sand,
Stands, nearing tearful glee,
The other lighthouse-man.

Jazz film score from FISH BONE 2013
words and music ALEX PAXTON

Out in the air I go,
Adorning where I know so well
The old scorning spite
Of cold morning light
Out in the air alone.

I rode into the forming night
And called as she drew near,
Smoke upon my breath and in my eye,
I saw the stormy pearls of fright
Beneath her angry tears
And I awoke, still bereft of her goodbye.

Into the bare, dark below,
Without a stark prayer to show
The scars of another who taught me how to sing
and holler in the wind,

Fleeing the gilded smile of the gloamin’,
Feeling the gloomy cry of night
I said goodbye to my lover who taught me how to sing
And holler in the wind,

I said goodbye to my lover who listened to me sing
And holler in the wind.

David Ingamells- drums
Flo Moore - Bass
Rob Luft - Guitar
Ronan Perret - Bari. Sax
Richard Blake - Trumpet
Alex Paxton - Trombone
Jacob Collier - Vox
Cristina Rubio - Vox
for big band and narrator
words and music ALEX PAXTON
Andrew Hall's "Mirror of Hall Big Band"!!!premier the Forge Camden

Shean Aqualia, Tommy Adrews, Richard Perks, Andrew Linham.

Ecerinis by Albertini Mussatidirector Douglas R Dunn.

conjunction with King’s College London University (KCL) and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA)

76 Trombones March Into the River  Royal academy of Music Trombones
with Jay Davis, Misha Mullov-Abbado, Jacob Collier

Feat. Simon Minshall, Tom Green and Owen Dawson!!

Swart Of the Orchid for big band.
feat. Kieran McLeod, Tom Dennis, Jay Davis

Jim Davidson
Adam Chatterten
James Copus
Tom Dennis

Kieran McLeod
Tom Green
Owen Dawson
Courtney Bizzle

Ru Pattison
Sam Glaser
Sam Miles
Greg Barker
Jonathan Chung

Nathon Morson
Jay Davis
Sandy Sandy Suchodolski
Felix Jozsa

LIGHTHOUSEMAN rhythm section, strings and vox

Emma Smith
Sam Watts
Sandy Suchodolski
Scott Chapman

Sue Paterson
Dan Oats
Chloé van Soeterstède
Laura May Hammonds

More jazzztuff  and extended periods of improvisations by fantasitc jazz-musicians can be found amongst the effluvia of these pieces:




More available recordings can be found in Alex’s sound diary here...

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Mirror of Hall Big Band at Husky Studios